How sweet BLACKPINK Rosé and Lisa are when presenting gifts to their dancers!

If you were BLACKPINK’s dancer, would you prefer Lisa or Rosé’s gifts?

In 2021, 2 members of BLACKPINK, Rosé and Lisa, made their solo debut in turn. Rosé and Lisa are not alone, despite the fact that they are active without the help of other members. All of the girls’ activities are accompanied by YGX dancers, from making the music video to performing on stage.

After finishing the solo promotion, Lisa prepared gifts to express her thanks to the dance crew. Lisa prepared caps, LALISA albums, and especially rings in bear-shaped boxes for the dancers. For each person, Lisa carefully chose a suitable ring design.

During Rosé’s On The Ground promotion, she also thoughtfully presented gifts to each dancer after the schedule was completed. Rosé gifted her dancer all costly branded items, precious gifts from the high-end fashion brand, demonstrating the kindness of BLACKPINK’s main vocalist to the crew working with her.

Rosé showed her sincerity by sending flowers and handwritten messages to each individual, in addition to gifts. What a priceless present, both monetarily and spiritually!

The acts of Rosé and Lisa demonstrate their intimate bond with their dancers. Thereby, fans more and more love the BLACKPINK girls’ kindness and compassion.

blackpink ygx dancer
blackpink ygx dancer
BLACKPINK have good relationship with their dancers

Source: K14

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