How is “Little IU” Kim Gyu Ri after 3 years since Hotel Del Luna?

The child star who was once thought to be a “young version of IU” when she was a kid, has now become a beautiful young girl.

Kim Gyu Ri was born in 2008, is a pretty popular child model in Korea.  As an actress, she was called “little IU” when twice taking on the child version of the female idol in two hit dramas, My Mister and Hotel Del Luna.  Lovely appearance and impressive inner acting have helped Gyu Ri become a potential name.  In particular, her appearance is said to be very similar to IU when she was young, which makes Gyu Ri receive the public’s attention.

Kim Gyu Ri
IU at small age (right) and Kim Gyu Ri
Kim Gyu Ri
Gyu Ri has received many compliments thanks to her acting ability that is not inferior to her seniors in My Mister
Kim Gyu Ri
IU also adored her

My Mister and Hotel Del Luna are also the first two dramas in Kim Gyu Ri’s career.  After playing the young version of IU twice, Kim Gyu Ri continued to appear in two more TV projects, Pegasus Market and Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.  Although she did not have the opportunity to take on long-term roles, she still made a strong impression on the audience thanks to her untrained yet professional acting skills. 

Kim Gyu Ri
Kim Gyu Ri

Not focusing on acting as much as other child stars, Kim Gyu Ri spends more time as a model.  That’s why when looking at her current images, many netizens can’t help but be surprised. Only 3 years after Hotel Del Luna, Kim Gyu Ri has grown a lot, but her face still resembles IU. Gyu Ri’s current beauty makes the audience firmly believe that in the future, she will become a goddess of the Korean film industry.


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