How do Korean idols turn their body flaws into works of art?

Ten (NCT), Minhyuk, or Hyolyn has cleverly covered the scars on their bodies with meaningful tattoos.

Ten (NCT): The NCT member has a crescent-shaped scar on his chest. However, Ten has managed to turn the scar into something aesthetic, a crescent moon tattoo. The male idol also has cherry blossom and butterfly tattoos on his arm.

Minhyuk (MONSTA X): In 2016, Minhyuk was hospitalized due to a knee ligament injury. Besides undergoing physical therapy, the MONSTA X member also had to go through surgery that left a scar on his leg. However, he has smartly covered the scar on his knee with a whale tattoo.

Minhyuk revealed that he really likes whales because of their large size, which can take his loved ones anywhere. The male idol also tattooed a rose in the mirror on his back which has the meaning of self-love.

Hyolyn: Since birth, the former SISTAR member has been diagnosed with childhood cancer and other serious health problems. Accordingly, the second surgery she underwent when she was only one left a large scar on the female singer’s belly. Hyolyn decided to cover this scar with a tattoo of a cross that symbolizes her faith.

She also has many other tattoos that show her faith such as “Pray continually” on her ankle and “Joshua 1:9” on her wrist.

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