How did IVE become the representative of the 4th generation idols?

IVE, which emerged as an icon of the MZ generation, maintained its success in the idol world.

IVE topped the monthly chart in April after selling 440,000 copies of its second single album “LOVE DIVE” based on the site Hanteo Chart on May 1st.

Ive-Love Die-Music Bank-

In addition, the group has continued its success by topping the weekly chart on YouTube Music and topping the music platform Spotify Weekly K-pop Chart.

IVE’s “Love Dive” is a song with a confident and outspoken message to encourage anyone to jump into love anytime if they have the courage to. IVE with such an independent image has captivated domestic and foreign fans by showing a different charm from their previous album’s concept.

IVE seems to have shared the first quarter of this year, which can be said to be a hiatus for girl group activities in Korea, with only (G)I-DLE. IVE proved its high potential by dominating the top ranks of music-related platforms, including domestic and foreign music sites.


It is also noteworthy that IVE’s trend also spans the global market. IVE showed its presence by dominating the top major music sites in each country, including Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Line Music in Japan.

The group has also stood out in Billboard-related charts such as Billboard Global, World Digital Song Sales, Hot Trending Songs, and K-POP 100.

IVE, who solidified the concept of “confident independence” in their last album activities, maximized their charm this time with “Love Dive.” Each member was also recognized for their dance skills. The distinctive voices of each member have also impressed the public.

IVE Jang Wonyoung-Love Dive

The industry is also paying attention to the trends led by IVE, which debuted in December last year, in six months. Insiders say there is a good possibility of IVE growing into a global female group that will succeed BLACKPINK and TWICE. In particular, member Jang Won-young has been selected as a candidate for the “Representative Center among Female Idols” to succeed BLACKPINK Jennie with strong support from the MZ generation.

IVE is also recognized as the front-runner with the most potential among the 4th-generation idol groups.


IVE’s agency said, “IVE, who is shining as a representative group of the 4th generation, will continue to communicate with fans through various contents and activities even during its hiatus.”

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