How did HyunA and her boyfriend hide their relationship?

HyunA and her boyfriend dated secretly for two years before going public. To hide their love affair, they often meet in the countryside or in the woods.

In the latest episode of the show HyunA-ing, HyunA shared how she concealed her love affair with her boyfriend Dawn when they had not publicly dated the media and fans. HyunA said she was sad because she always had to meet her boyfriend in the car or into the countryside or forest to avoid detection.


HyunA and Dawn also had a date at the beach thanks to the arrangement of dancer Hana No. HyunA pretended to be traveling with dancer Hana but in reality, she went to meet Dawn.

Former 4Minute member said during that trip, her boyfriend was very attentive. Dawn bought firecrackers and listened to the waves with HyunA. According to the female singer born in 1992, it is a precious memory of her and her boyfriend.

Grateful for the opportunity to spend time with her boyfriend, but HyunA admitted she was heartbroken that they couldn’t go out to eat or do things like a normal couple.

Destiny is interesting. When I was 22 years old, I didn’t think I would meet my soulmate

HyunA shared.

Also participating in the program, Hana No said that she was not surprised when the media posted information about HyunA and Dawn’s dating.  According to Hana No, HyunA once confided in her that the female singer loved her boyfriend very much.

HyunA and Dawn have been dating since 2016. At the end of 2018, they publicly dated and then left the management company Cube Entertainment. In January 2019, the couple joined rapper PSY’s company.


After that, they often appeared together in events, magazines, and TV shows. This is a rare idol couple who do not hesitate to show their affection on media and social networks.

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