How did CL face the stereotypes of an idol’s beauty during her debut days?

Recently, CL shared the story of how she had overcome the pressure from the public’s prejudices of an idol’s beauty. The way the leader of 2NE1 escaped from her worries has inspired many other girls.

In a recent interview, CL told the story of when she debuted at the age of 15. At that time, she debuted as a member of 2NE1, one of the top girl groups of the 2nd generation, under YG Entertainment.CL recalled all the burdens that forced her to change her appearance in order to suit the beauty standards back then. In particular, she received advice saying that she should have double eyelid surgery.

CL 2ne1

Of course, CL refused it. She shared, “It was a thing back then, where everyone got double eyelids. That was the beauty trend. I even want to say I was sad and angry. I was like, ’What the f*ck? Why are all these people telling me how I should look? How do I digest this?”

She decided to put up with all the pressures. While trying to become famous, she lived up to her own beauty standard and what she considers is good for herself. CL believes beauty is our own property, and no one is allowed to pressure us and force us to change our appearance to the way they want. Moreover, CL really loves her monolid eyes.

CL 2ne1

To end the interview, CL gave some sincere advice: “You really got to tell yourself, ’You are beautiful the way you are. If you want to go work out or put a bunch of makeup on or do full-body plastic surgery, it’s up to you. And I make sure I constantly remind myself of that.”

Meanwhile, CL recently released a new MV named SPICY, which immediately attracted the public’s attention for her signature cool vibe.

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