How bad is the “How You Like That” performance of Girls Planet 999’s contestants that makes Sunmi so disappointed?

Apparently, this group of contestants made some huge mistakes while performing BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’.

The next teaser footage for episode 3 of ‘Girls Planet 999‘ has been revealed lately. In this teaser, the performance “How You Like That” (BLACKPINK) by team 1 was revealed. However, the coaches, especially Sunmi expressed to be really disappointment about this performance.

When the whole lineup appeared on stage, everyone was overwhelmed and looked forward to this performance. However, just after Shen Xiaoting raised her voice and made a mistake, the coaches, especially Sunmi, immediately expressed their disappointment. Mnet also revealed the behind-the-scenes scene when the members were in tears when they just got off the stage.

Girls Planet 999
The 1st performing line-up for How You Like That made a strong impression when they first appeared on stage
Girls Planet 999
However, right after that, the performance made a mistake that made Sunmi really angry, the members hugged each other and cried behind the scenes.

Mnet is famous for its confusing cutting skills, but it seems that team 1 really didn’t do as well as expected. Netizens can’t help but regret the team and pray for a “twist” that will happen when episode 3 is officially broadcast:

– They made the mistake right at the beginning. Look at Sunmi’s unsatisfied face.

– The winning team will always be evil edited, so I’m used to Mnet.

– They obviously miss the beat. I just wondered whether it’s a rehearsal or the main stage.

– According to Mnet’s survival show experience, in the first season of Produce 101, team Somi sang ‘Into The New World’ and still won the top highnote team. It depends on who is in the team..

– Huhu, I hope this is just a rehearsal, Xiaoting don’t cry.

We will have to wait for the real development of the stage until the official broadcast of the next episode (on the evening of August 20) of Girls Planet 999.


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