How are the idol who almost made it into the most famous groups doing?

Fortunately, their talent was not wasted and eventually, they all found a home for their career.

With the competing rate between the trainees, it’s not easy to get into an idol group. There have been many idols that were supposed to debut in the top hit groups but were unfortunately left out at the end. It is fortunate that many of them have become famous or have followed the path that they want to.

1. Choi Miyeon – Black Pink’s almost member

From the Blackpink leaked photos before the debut, many fans were surprised by the 5-member team of the YG girl group. This 5th member is Cho Miyeon – a new rookie idol debuted with the group (G) I-DLE recently. She is said to be both beautiful and talented enough to be a piece of Black Pink.

Miyeon was almost a piece of Black Pink if her dating photos weren’t leaked.

Unfortunately for Miyeon, her dating photos with intern trainee Jung Jin Hyung of YG in Japan were leaked. They both lost their debut and took a few years to find the group they belonged to.

Currently, Miyeon’s new group – (G) IDle is receiving a lot of attention from the public. The team even had their first career trophy in just 22 days. Miyeon has the great opportunity to claim the rookie award along with (G) I-DLE this year.

2. Soyeon (T-ara) – The missing member of SNSD

T-ara’s main vocal also had a breakdown after being eliminated from SNSD’s “National Girl group” before their debut. The reason for this has not been revealed yet, but one thing that netizens have been saying to one another is that Soyeon was nominated as SNSD leader during the practice, not Taeyeon. Then 2 years later, Soyeon was finally released in another hit group, T-ara.

Soyeon was almost the leader of SNSD.

Currently, both T-ara and SNSD are temporarily inactive. However, many still think that it is lucky that Soyeon is a piece of T-ara instead of a member of SNSD. Anyway, Soyeon would have been happy to continue singing after missing her first chance.

3. Johnny (NCT) – supposed to be an EXO’s member

Johnny joined SM since the age of 14 and has been trained in many fields, enough to shine in his future. Many had hoped that Johnny will be in EXO because he was very close with EXO’s Chanyeol.

However, finally, Johnny became an NCT member instead of EXO.

After a long time, netizen was able to see Johnny debut as an NCT member. Many have commented that Johnny has potential but if he is put together with EXO, he will be outshined. NCT is a better choice for him, even thou their popularity is not impressive yet. But most netizens agree that with the attention they are receiving from the agency, NCT will soon follow EXO’s success.

4. Hyunseung (B2ST) – BIG BANG’s supposed-to-be member

Known for his sexy performance with HyunA through their duo name Trouble Maker, Hyunseung is seen as one of the most talented idols of K-pop. Many might think that he will fit well with the concepts of BIG BANG, and as a fact, he almost became a member of the group. At the final competition to decide the final member of them, Hyunseung had been eliminated and the chosen one was Seungri – BIG BANG’s youngest member.

Hyunseung got eliminated from BIG BANG’s final line-up at the final round.

Even thou they were eliminated, these talented idols still shine and receive love from their fans. Trust in your own ability and luck will knock on your door. Hard-working trainees will receive their well-deserved result, won’t they?