HOT: Wanna One to split into units and collaborate with famous K-pop singers

Their special collaboration album will be released this June.

On April 16th, YMC Entertainment (Wanna One’s management company) announced that Wanna One was going to be split into 4 units and each unit would collaborate with a “digital music goddess” singer to publish unit songs.

YMC shared: “The detailed process of the Wanna One members teaming up with the artists and releasing their unit songs will be revealed through Mnet’s reality show”. According to YMC, 4 sunbaes who will collaborate with them are Zico, Heize, Dynamic Duo and Nell.

Wanna one, kang daniel, park jihoon, YMC
Wanna One will be split into 4 units, each unit will collaborate with a famous singer

The stories behind Wanna One’s collaboration with these famous singers will be revealed through the season 3 of their reality show “Wanna One Go”. The new season is titled “Wanna One Go: X-CON” and will be broadcast in May while their special collaboration album will be published in June.

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