HOT: TWICE OFICIALLY BRING “FANCY” TO THE APRIL KPOP RACE, but is it really girl-crush concept like rumoured?

TWICE is making april even hotter with their official comeback with “Fancy”

The wait is over now that TWICE is back at exactly 18h April 22nd (KST) when “FANCY” MV was released – Title song of album “Fancy You”. This is a song composed by Jeon Goon and Black Eyed Pilseung. Black Eyed Pilseung is no longer unfamiliar with the 9 girls’ fans since he is also the composer of their renowned hits like “Cheer Up”, “TT”, and “Likey”.

TWICE’s new song is of genre Pop Dance with fun, upbeat melody. Lyrics is the bold confession from the girls to their “crush”. In general, “FANCY”’s sound doesn’t change much compared to their previous songs.

As for the visual, the MV has a tone of dark but is sometimes popping with bright, hot colors. The scenes were taken in a “box studio”, 2 out of 3 choreography scenes has already been uncovered in the teaser, which is no longer new to the viewers. The choreography of the girls is still the same funny, playful style.

Most of the viewers has already known the scenes through the published teasers. However, the concept doesn’t change much like predicted, that the girls will, for the first time, experience with girl-crush concept. Except for mysterious, sexy black outfit, the group is loyal with their colorful outfit style. Overall, TWICE’s image does have a more grown up feelings to it their former MVs, but is not remarkable. Afterall, they keep the usual youthful, active atmosphere.

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