The famous Kpop male idol was investigated for using illegal marijuana, and enlisted early to escape investigation

The information that Ilhoon (BTOB) was arrested for using cannabis made Kpop fans extremely shocked

On December 21, Korean television station Channel A reported that a cult male idol was arrested for drug use.  This idol buys cannabis with virtual money, not cash.  The male idol enlisted in the army last May as a community service worker.  According to Channel A, this action is said to evade police investigation.  Immediately, this news shocked the whole of Korea.  The identity of this character was also found by netizens, it is Ilhoon (BTOB).

Ilhoon (BTOB) was arrested for using cannabis 1

Accordingly, police have confirmed through testimonies and account tracking that Ilhoon smoked marijuana several times with his acquaintances, starting from 4-5 years ago and as recent as last year. Traces of drugs were also detected in hair samples during a drug test. Jung Ilhoon purchased the marijuana not with cash, but with cryoptocurrency to attempt to avoid any investigation.Immediately after the news broke out, CUBE Entertainment – BTOB’s management company announced: “We did not know that Ilhoon had been caught using marijuana. Although his enlistment had been set for March, it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Ilhoon (BTOB) was arrested for using cannabis 1
Ilhoon (BTOB) was arrested for using cannabis 1

Ilhoon’s real name is Jung Ilhoon, born in 1994 and the main rapper debuted with BTOB in 2012. Before that, on May 28, the male idol announced on his personal Instagram that he would enlist as a  community service worker.  Ilhoon enlisted at the age of 26 – quite an early age compared to other idols.  This raises suspicions that the male idol enlisted in the army right before the time of being handed over to the prosecution by the police.

Ilhoon (BTOB) was arrested for using cannabis 1

On the evening of December 21, CUBE Entertainment made an official announcement, admitting the incident and apologizing to the public:

“Hello, this is Cube Entertainment.

We checked with Ilhoon himself regarding the news report today, and we confirmed that he has been summoned by the investigative agency and is under investigation for suspicions of smoking marijuana, as the report said.

We feel a deep sense of responsibility for having caused worry to so many people. We will do everything that is required of us so that he can faithfully comply with the ongoing investigation.

We once again apologize for causing concern to so many people.”

Sources: kenh14

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