HOT: Jennie (BLACKPINK) first appeared with a beautiful look after the rumor dating with G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

After 2 days of gaining the public’s attention for the dating news, Jennie (BLACKPINK) finally appeared with a beautiful look

On February 24, people were stunned by the news that G-Dragon and Jennie (BLACKPINK) have been dating for more than a year.  YG Entertainment gave an unclear statement, and Jennie did not appear on social networks, making fans curious.

But this morning (February 26), the main rapper of BLACKPINK officially appeared in public after the dating news. BLACKPINK met up with Simon Smith, the British ambassador to the Republic of Korea, in order to be officially instated as the global ambassadors of the Climate Change Conference UK 2021′! Last year, BLACKPINK garnered attention with their campaign video ‘Climate Action In Your Area #COP26’, raising awareness toward climate change as well as the upcoming conference hosted by the UK. From now on, BLACKPINK will be promoting actively as ambassadors of COP26 leading up to the full conference later this year from November 1-12. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also sent a hand-letter to the group, thanking the girls for supporting the Conference.  

What makes people especially interested is the beauty and expression of Jennie.  Jennie’s new image also immediately become hot topic worldwide. 

In this series of photos, the number 1 Kpop IT Girl was still very bright and radiant.  It seems that dating news did not affect her much.  Jennie wore a simple white dress, with natural hairstyles and gentle makeup but still extremely beautifull and outstanding. 

The members also received many compliments for their attractive visuals.  Jisoo and Lisa were elegant while Rosé stood out with her impressive  long legs. 

Sources: k14

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