HOT: BLACK PINK is officially back with “KILL THIS LOVE”, a hundred times more powerful!

Finally fans are able to admire the MV “KILL THIS LOVE” and reunite with BLACK PINK after a long time of waiting.

Right at 00:00 (KST) April 5th, BLACK PINK officially come back to the K-Pop battlefield with the MV for “KILL THIS LOVE”. This is another product of “the music wizard” Teddy which is a Rap/Hip Hop track. The song is expected to be a big boom and will leave many new records both inside and outside of Korea.

BLACKPINK – ‘Kill This Love’ MV

With the strong beat and trumpet sound right from the beginning, the MV impressed the audience deeply. On the drum beat, BLACK PINK’s rap and vocal is accentuated even more. The 4 girls is still following the girl crush concept but this time, it is said to be bolder and stronger than “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

“KILL THIS LOVE” is BLACK PINK’s first comeback after more than 10 months. After the digital is released, the physical album will be released on the upcoming April 23rd. Let’s all wish them a successful comeback!

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