Hostesses attended Seungri’s party in Palawan, prostitution brokerage accusation confirmed

According to channel A’s report on April 7, it was confirmed that hostesses from an adult entertainment establishment attended Seungri’s birthday party in Palawan, the Philippines two years ago.

Channel A’s “News A” said that the police has confirmed that 8 hostesses of local entertainment establishments were present at the venue, with Seungri borrowing a resort on Palawan Island in the Philippines to have a birthday party in December 2017.

A police official said that they have secured statements related to prostitution during the investigation of hostesses.

In particular, Seungri was confirmed to have paid for all eight entertainment girls’ travel expenses to Palawan, which the police suspects that it may be a price for prostitution, according to Channel A. It’s possible that Seungri received investment from overseas investors who attended the party or he introduced the hostesses to maintain the existing investments.

However, when accused of violating the law on the punishment of prostitution and other acts in connection with allegations of sexual favors to foreign investors, Seungri has denied “It’s not true”.

Meanwhile, in addition to the alleged prostitution ring, Seungri was additionally booked on March 28 on charges of spreading illegal footage.

Sources: Nate

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