“Home Alone 2” cast’s current status after 30 years

Is there a movie that comes to mind when you hear the word “Christmas”? Most probably thought of the series “Home Alone”.

With its huge box office success, the series “Home Alone”, which produced a total of 6 parts from 1990 to 2021, is aired on TV channels every Christmas season, making many people reminiscent.

Among the series “Home Alone”, part 1 and part 2 are considered legends.

Home Alone

In the meantime, the recent status of the cast of the movie “Home Alone 2” is becoming a hot topic online.

On Dec 21st (local time), Daily Mail introduced the recent status of the main cast of the movie “Home Alone 2”, which was released on Nov 20th, 1992.

The actors all showed dramatic changes over the past 30 years, surprising many.

First, let’s take a look at the recent status of actor Macaulay Culkin, who played the main character Kevin McCallister.

Macaulay Culkin, the best child star in the early 90s who was greatly loved for his cute appearance and playful expression, gave fans regret as an “icon of adverse change”.

Macaulay Culkin

The recently captured Culkin with a thick beard is compared to his childhood, when he looked fresh.

Culkin married actress Brenda Song last year and welcomed a son.

Catherine O’Hara, who played Kevin’s mother Kate McCallister, showed off her elegant beauty in the film.

She is currently 68 years old and has been working steadily as an actress and voice actress.

Catherine O'Hara

Her wrinkled face in recent paparazzi photos is her bare face, so of course there is a difference, but it shows that a long time has passed.

The actress’ appearance, which has changed over time, caused regret.

Tim Curry as Mr. Hector, manager of the Plaza Hotel

Actor Tim Curry, who played the role of Mr. Hector, the manager of Plaza Hotel in New York, who made people laugh by being fooled by Kevin’s pranks, also aroused pity from fans.

Tim Curry

In particular, the now 76-year-old actor was paralyzed in his lower body after suffering from a stroke in 2012. His weakened appearance also left many heartbroken.

Seeing the actor riding to the grocery store in a wheelchair with the help of a medical assistant, many fans sent messages of support.

Joe Pesci as the thief Harry Lime

Actor Joe Pesci, who plays Harry Lime, one of the two thieves who are booby-trapped by Kevin, has made appearances in various notable projects, such as “Once Upon a Time in America”, “Lethal Weapon”, and “The Irishman”. He was a charismatic Hollywood top actor and singer.

Joe Pesci

After transforming into a comical image through “Home Alone”, he switches his focus from acting to music, leaving behind regrets.

In 2019, he returned with the movie “The Irishman”, and received an Oscar nomination for his outstanding performance.

Now aged 79, the singer-actor drew attention by boasting a completely different look from the middle-aged Harry.

Daniel Stern as Marv Murchins, Harry Lime’s partner in crime

Daniel Stern, who played Harry Lime’s partner Marv Merchant, is a screenwriter and film director. He has participated in screenwriting for famous animated series “The Simpsons” and is also working as an artist nowadays.

Daniel Stern

Recently, he was spotted walking on a country road with a shaggy white beard, which warmed the hearts of many people.

In the paparazzi photos, Daniel looks like a kind-hearted grandfather next door, unlike the playful Marv back in 1992.

John Heard as Peter, Kevin’s father

Until 2017, John Heard, who played Kevin’s father, Peter McCallister, continued his acting career by appearing in popular TV dramas such as “The Sopranos” and “Prison Break”.

John Heard

Sadly, on July 21, 2017, he passed away at the age of 71 due to cardiac arrest at a hotel in Palo Alto, California.

Devin Ratray as Kevin’s grumpy older brother Buzz

Actor Devin Ratray, who played the role of Buzz McCallister, the older brother who constantly bullies and teases Kevin in the movie, continued his acting career by appearing in dramas and movies. However, he was not as popular as before.

Devin Latray

In December of last year, after an argument with his girlfriend at a bar, he strangled and assaulted his girlfriend after entering the hotel, and was arrested by the police on charges of domestic violence.

He pleaded not guilty to these charges, but was charged with sexual assault in August.

Matt Webster as Buzz’s girlfriend

Do you remember the grumpy older brother Buzz’s girlfriend? “She” appeared only through photos, so it may have slipped the mind of many people.

Matt Webster

Surprisingly, this role was taken by a man.

Because the character was supposed to be “ugly”, the production team thought that using a real teenage actress could hurt a young girl, so they dressed up and took photos of Matt Webster, the son of “Home Alone”s art director.

At the time, Webster volunteered to take on the role. However, the now visual designer confessed that if he had known “Home Alone” was going to be the highest-grossing family comedy of all time, he might have reconsidered.

Source: Daily Mail, Insight

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