HOLYBANG became the winner of “Street Woman Fighter”

“Street Woman Fighter” finally ended with the No.1 place won by HOLYBANG.

The broadcast of Mnet’s entertainment program “Street Woman Fighter” aired on the evening of October 26th showed the performances of LACHICA, CocaNButter, HOLYBANG and HOOK for the final round, which determined the winning crew.

The final round consisted of 2 missions. The main mission was called “Color of Crew”, in which four crews had to bring out the performance that showed off their own color the best. The second mission, “Performance Song Mission”, was a special mission in which each crew performed new songs that were produced for each crew.

The “Performance Song Mission” was revealed first. Singer Chungha stepped on the stage as the hidden member of LACHICA to perform “BAD GIRL”. CL and CocaNButter were the second collaboration. CL surprised everyone by promising to CocaNButter members that she would help them choose the costumes so that they could focus on creating the choreography for the stage of “CAVIAR”. The third crew, HOLYBANG, teamed up with Simon Dominic and Loco. The two rappers expressed that since Honey J used to work with them before, they felt honored to be able to help HOLYBANG with their performance of “NO BREAK” this time. The last stage was performed by HOOK and Sunmi. While working on producing the song “Too Young to Die” for HOOK, Sunmi praised the crew for their creative ideas.

After that, 4 crews continued with the main mission – “Color of Crew”.

Before LACHICA performed their last performance, a video showing LACHICA members delivering their sincere message to leader Gabi was shown. After that, LACHICA got on the stage in golden costumes and completed an exciting and colorful show.

Next, CocaNButter drew attention by holding a surprise party for Bibi, the member who was unable to join the team due to her main job as a nurse. Bibi also cheered her team, saying, “I prayed and watched their performances as if I’m a mother who sends her children to an important examination. I cried knowing that they are doing so well”. Thanks to the support from their member, CocaNButter melted the hearts of all audiences with their sincere dance.

As for HOLYBANG, they went on a trip down memory lane by looking back on the costumes that they wore in the past performances. Leader Honey J even gifted her members bracelets to deliver her sincerity. Then, HOLYBANG burned the stage with a stage that was full of dark and sexy vibe.

Lastly, at the suggestion of leader Aiki, HOOK reminded themselves with their original motto before getting on the final stage, “Instead of being the number one.1, let’s be the only one”. HOOK chose the song “Mother to Daughter” by Yang Hee Eun to deliver an emotional performance.

As a result, HOLYBANG became the final winner. Meanwhile, HOOK was in 2nd place, LACHICA ranked 3rd place, and the 4th place went to CocaNButter.

In her acceptance speech, HOLYBANG’s leader Honey J thanked all the members who couldn’t participate and those who helped the team in every mission. She said, “All Korean dancers have been prepared to shine for a long time. Besides the 8 crews in this show, all the dancers out there are already cool, so I think you can always feel proud of yourself. I hope through “Street Woman Fighter”, more people will support the dancers who are passionate about dancing.”

Meanwhile, Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” is a survival program to find the best street dance crew in Korea.

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