“Hinting” about DBSK’s reunion of 5 members, Yoochun gets sarcastic comments from the netizens

Yoochun’s recent sharing of DBSK’s reunion was strongly opposed by netizens.

On March 5, Yoochun had a fan meeting in Japan. A few days earlier in Korea, he released the new “Slow Dance” MV. According to the fans who participated in the Fan Meeting of this JYJ member, Yoochun had some confidences about the hope that TVXQ will reunite with all 5 members and be able to participate in a good reality show as well as going to radio shows someday.

Recent pictures of Yoochun at fan meeting.

“Someday, someday, when we are in the U50 or U60 age range … With all 5 people … I will really try. I don’t know though but I will really work hard. 50 years old, singing Rising Sun, it must be funny. “

Needless to say how happy the fan community of the 5 members was when they heard the teaser by Yoochun, however, the reaction of the online community was completely opposite. Because of his scandal in the past, the bad image of the male singer so far has not been washed away in the hearts of the audience. Therefore, netizens criticized and sarcastically said when Yoochun mentioned TVXQ‘s reunion for 5 members:

“No thanks! Just continue as you are and leave TVXQ be alone.”

“If this happens before his scandal, I will definitely be happy. But now I’m not.”

“I think Jaejoong and Junsu don’t want to reunite with him, let alone Yunho and Changmin hahaha.”

“Ew stop it.”

“While I feel like Yoochun is using TVXQ duo as a way to gain reactions, talking, and whatnot for his advantage which I honestly find shameless (and I feel like he ain’t that sincere when he said that especially at the age of 50? I mean, who would want a reunion at that age? not even hardcore fans) but on one side, I feel a bit of excitement.”

“Please leave DBSK alone, like what you used to do!”

“There is no fairness for Yunho and Changmin.”

Yoochun’s desire for reunification of DBSK was strongly opposed by netizens.

Source: Onehallyu

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