Hilarious gifts TREASURE Jihoon gave to his friends

TREASURE Jihoon often surprises his friends with interesting and unimaginable gifts.

Jihoon is one of the two leaders of TREASUREYG‘s rookie boy group. The male idol born in 2000 is adored by the public for his soft and kind personality. However, few people know that Jihoon also has a great sense of humor. He enjoys getting his friends the most practical and memorable gifts.

Recently, fans made a compilation of the quality gifts Jihoon gave to his group members and colleagues. As a result, everyone has a good laugh because of how funny the male idol is.

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Not only known for his gentle and kind personality, Jihoon is also a new generation “comedian” of K-pop

Wolf print underwear

Recently, TREASURE Jihoon made K-pop fans unable to stop laughing because of his gift to NCT Sungchan. Specifically, during his birthday live broadcast, NCT Sungchan revealed that Jihoon’s birthday present for him was underwear with a wolf print. He also excitedly showed off this unique gift to fans.

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Sungchan excitedly showed fans the gift Jihoon gave him.

This birthday present is also a testament to the growing friendship between the two idols from SM and YG. Sungchan and Jihoon started to know each other when they both became MCs on the music show Inkigayo in March 2021.

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Sungchan and Jihoon became friends after they both became Inkigayo MCs.

Trash can

In 2018, in the year-end episode of the show YG Treasure Box, the trainees personally prepared special gifts for each other. While the others were given socks, hoodies, handwritten letters, candies,…, Jeongwoo ended up getting a… trash can from Jihoon.

jihoon treasure 15092021 14 scaled
Jeongwoo received a trash can from Jihoon

Notably, Jihoon seemed very satisfied with his gift to Jeongwoo. Meanwhile, fans couldn’t help but admire his funny but also lovable personality.

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An ATM card with 3000 won

At the end of 2020, Jihoon continued to give fans a good laugh with his choice of gifts to others. The TREASURE’s leader gave the same-age friend Junkyu his card and allowed Junkyu to use as much as he wanted.

Junkyu was very excited with this valuable gift. However, he got a “reality check” when he found out that there was only 3000 won left in the card. This amount is just enough for the male idol to buy instant noodles and soda.

jihoon treasure 15092021 6 scaled
Junkyu was delighted with a valuable gift from the leader of TREASURE.

However, the amount of money left in the card is only enough to buy instant noodles and soda.

Banana milk and his own polaroid

On July 23, 2020, TREASURE held a Vlive to celebrate member Jaehyuk’s birthday. There, Jaehyuk revealed a practical gift from leader Jihoon, which is banana milk and a polaroid photo of the owner with a message.

TREASURE’s fans know that banana milk is Jaehyuk’s favorite beverage. Therefore, Jihoon’s gift not only shows the fun of the male idol, but also shows the sophistication and care Jihoon has for his friends.

jihoon treasure 15092021 8
jihoon treasure 15092021 9 scaled
In addition, he also attached a polaroid photo with his message to Jaehyuk. 


Junkyu seems to be very charming with unique gifts “labeled” Park Jihoon. During his birthday on September 9, 2021, Junkyu received a eucalyptus tree from Jihoon.

Like previous times, gifts from the 10x of the group still keep the unique and funny concept. To explain this gift, TREASURE’s fans said that Junkyu was originally nicknamed ‘the koala bear’, and eucalyptus is the animal’s favorite food. Therefore, Jihoon’s gift seems absurd, but it is especially suitable for Junkyu.

jihoon treasure 15092021 10 scaled

Jihoon is indeed a genuine Gen Z with the above interesting gift giving.  Moreover, the gifts not only leave an indelible impression on the recipient but also make the male idol score points in the fans’ eyes with his humorous and realistic personality.

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