High school seniors who won’t take the College Scholastic Ability Test this year (ft.2000)

The 2019 College Scholastic Ability Test will be held on the 15th.

Students born in 2000 are currently attending the third grade of high school and preparing for the CSAT.

Among them are idol stars. Besides, there are some idols who won’t take the CSAT.

First of all, Wanna One Bae Jinyoung will not take the College Scholastic Ability Test. He said he would concentrate on Wanna One‘s activities without going to college.

TWICE Chaeyoung will not take the test, either. Chaeyoung was born in 1999, but she reentered the school as a notice after dropping out of school. She said that it was time to take the College Scholastic Ability Test, but she was committed to the group’s activities.

In addition, NCT‘s Haechan, Geno, Jae Min, April‘s Yena, Rachel, Pristin‘s Xiyeon, and Fromis 9’s Lee Seo-yeon will not attend the CSAT this year.

Most of them said they would not go to college and concentrate on entertaining activities.

Source: Dispatch

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