“High Kick” cast shed tears during their reunion after 14 years

The cast of the “legendary sitcom” – “High Kick” has reunited for the first time after 14 years.

In August, MBC stated that they were currently preparing an “MBC Documentary Special” for “High Kick” actors. After the reunion of “High Kick” cast was reported, fans have raised high expectations to see their favorite drama’s actors in one place again. In particular, a photo revealing the filming of “MBC Documentary Special” with the cast of “High Kick” was recently revealed and immediately drawn keen attention. “High Kick” actors, such as Na Moon-hee, Lee Soon-jae, Park Hae-mi, Jong Joon-ha, Jung Il-woo, and Kim Hye-sung, can be seen in the photo. Fans have also expressed their excitement to see the actors of “High Kick” gathered together on an actual filming set for the first time after 14 years.

High Kick cast

Earlier on October 5th, Park Hae-mi appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Park Ha-sun’s Cinetown” and said, “I already finished filming for a documentary with ‘High Kick’ actors”. Park Hae-mi also told a behind-the-scenes story of how the filming site turned into a sea of tears, “Everyone cried a lot. Nearly 99% of the cast burst into tears.”

Meanwhile, “High Kick”, which aired from 2006 to 2007, featuring actors Lee Soon-jae, Na Moon-hee, Park Hae-mi, Jung Joon-ha, Kim Hye-sung, Jung Il-woo, Seo Min-jung, and Park Min-young received huge love from K-drama fans.

High Kick cast

Numerous nicknames and famous lines were created from “High Kick”, such as “pornography Soonjae” or “pumpkin sweet potato”. Even after the series ended, it continued to gain popularity and is still considered a “legendary sitcom” until now.

High Kick cast

MBC’s “Documentary Special” with the reunion of “High Kick” actors is scheduled to air in November.


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