High-end jewelry brand BVLGARI sent a food truck to BLACKPINK Lisa’s MV filming set

The truck was sent with sweet messages for Lisa: “BulgaLisa Bulgari Loves Lisa.”

The day Lisa (BLACKPINK) makes her solo debut is rapidly approaching, as photographs and news about her solo music video continue to surface. Most recently, images of a coffee truck supporting Lisa’s solo debut were widely shared on social networks. The Italian luxury jewelry brand BVLGARI, for which Lisa is a global ambassador, sent a coffee truck to the MV filming set to show its wholehearted support for the Thai female idol.

BlackPink Lisa BVLGARI

The purple truck was decorated with many beautiful images of Lisa. The cake bags and drink glasses were also covered with lovely stickers.  Besides, BVLGARI also did not forget to send sincere messages: “BVLGARI fully supports Lisa’s solo album,” “Please take care of our Lisa.”

Previously, the image of a coffee truck sent by Rosé to Lisa’s MV filming set was also revealed. Everyone is eagerly anticipating Lisa’s solo debut, so let’s start counting down the days till then!

BlackPink Lisa Hair
Let’s start counting down the days till Lisa makes her solo debut!
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