Here is the latest photo of Lee Hyo-ri, who recently got a bad haircut after trying to a local hair salon

The current situation of Lee Hyo-ri, who recently drew attention with her shocking wolf-cut hairstyle, has been delivered through a photo. 

Musician Jo Dong-hee released a selfie photo taken with couple Lee Sang-soon, Lee Hyo-ri and her younger brother Jo Dong-ik on her Instagram account on July 13th. She added a promotional caption, saying “[Lee Hyo-ri] I finished recording the third track <I’m Happy, From Today>. A beautiful recording studio with a front view of Biyang-do. Together with musicians Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon. It will be released soon! Please show lots of interest!”

lee hyori

The released picture shows Lee Hyo-ri appearing with her wolf cut hairstyle, the new transformation that attracted keen attention from netizens, and smiling brightly. She looks beautiful as always even in the shocking hairstyle.

Lee Hyo-ri appeared in the teaser video for the new episode of MBC’s entertainment program “The Manager” at the end of the broadcast on July 9th.

Lee Hyori

In the teaser, Lee Hyo-ri impressed everyone with her new hairstyle reminiscent of a wolf cut. She smiled and said, “I went to a local hair salon and my hair was ruined”. Hong Hyun-hee was so shocked by Lee Hyo-ri’s confession that she couldn’t close her mouth. 

Source: Daum

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