Heo Yi Jae’s confession after exposing the senior who gaslighted and abused her, “Please refrain from witch-hunting that person”

Actress Heo Yi Jae has recently expressed her feelings after exposing the senior actor who had gaslighted and abused her by power.

On September 11, Heo Yi Jae commented on Crayon Pop Way’s Youtube, “WayLand”:

“Hello, I’m Heo Yi Jae. I was scared while reading all the comments. However, it turned out that they actually healed me. Thank you so much.

Everyone, the reason that caused my retirement a long time ago remains a trauma to me, and I still feel the pain whenever I think of it. However, as I got older, I think If I went back to that time, I wouldn’t just stand still crying and enduring everything, but I would gather all my courage to fight back. I told my story with no intention of attacking that person, so please refrain from witch-hunting him.”

Earlier on September 10, a video was uploaded on the Youtube channel “WayLand” titled, “Unreleased stories at a drama shooting told by an actress (hair pulling, crazy actor,…)”

In the video, Heo Yi Jae said that she experienced the feeling of being abused by power intentionally. She said that she was suddenly told to cut her real hair instead of the hair extension during the filming at the request of an actor who intentionally hated her.

Then, she added, “There was a scene that he pulled my hair. In the middle of the filming, he said he had low blood pressure and demanded a rest. However, he insisted on holding my hair and didn’t want to let go while resting because his feelings of the character might disappear. Therefore, I kept staying in that state. Maybe he wanted to make me cry.”

In addition, Heo Yi Jae added, “What worse is he a married man so if I said his name, his family would be torn apart.” and mentioned that the actor is still doing many activities.

Referring to the main reason that made Heo Yi Jae decide to retire, she said it was due to the actor’s attitude when she refused to sleep with him. In particular, one day, that actor was annoyed because he couldn’t get his emotions right, so he started to kick the chairs then left. After that, Heo Yi Jae went to the waiting room to have a talk with him so that they could continue to finish the filming. However, he asked her to sleep with him, but she frankly refused. Since then, he kept cursing her over and over again. Therefore, it left a painful experience in Heo Yi Jae’s memories. 

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