Heo Yi-jae, “I won’t reveal the married actor who asked me to sleep with him”

Actress Heo Yi-jae recently expressed her position since she revealed that she had been asked to sleep with a married actor in the past. 

On Oct 6th, Heo Yi-jae posted a video on Youtube titled, “There is something I need to tell you guys carefully”.


She explained, “Some people were disappointed that I didn’t mention any name until the end, and some suspected the credibility of my words. That’s why I ended up filming a video like this after much consideration.”

Earlier on Youtube channel Wayland, Heo talked about a married actor who had been the decisive trigger for her retirement.

Heo Yi-jae said, “The actor said that people watched our drama and thought our chemistry was not like lovers. He persuaded me to sleep with him to look more like a couple together”, revealing that this actor A asked her for sex.

Regarding A, Heo Yi Jae added, “He is still active”. Since then, a list of actors who people believed to be A has been circulating online.

“The biggest reason why I didn’t mention his real name is because of the litigation issue. At that time, I had no idea to deal with it because I was still fresh to this industry. There was no recording evidence.”

heo yi-jae

“I only toned down what happened to me as much as possible. I knew I had to be careful with what I say, which is why I was avoiding the contact of many reporters, broadcasting officials and even concerned acquaintances.”

heo yi-jae

She confessed. “To be honest, it’s true that I’m afraid of re-opening my wounds and rethinking about the pain I had fighting with my opponent in order to prove myself.”

heo yi-jae

Heo also mentioned the actor who was falsely accused of the incident.

Heo Yi-jae said, “I apologized to the falsely accused actor by calling and apologizing to him. Today, I think this will be the last time to mention or filming any video related to that actor. We will come back with a brighter and more positive story or content in the future.”

Source: Insight

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