Henry Lau wore an “I love China” mask, netizen’s reaction is cold

Singer Henry Lau was seen wearing a face mask with the sentence “I love China” written on it. 

Singer Henry Lau released a photo of him entering China while wearing a red mask with the word “I love China” written on it. Korean netizens are criticizing Henry for making pro-China moves after building his fame in Korea.

henry lau

Henry arrived at Chengdu Airport in China for a concert on Oct 1st. He appeared in a red face mask that reminds people of the National Flag of China, and the phrase “I love China” was printed on it.

Even after entering the country, he uploaded on his Weibo account a video of him playing a song called “I love China” with his violin. On Oct 1st, Henry also posted a message celebrating Chinese National Day.

henry lau
Henry playing a song called “I love China”. 

Earlier, Henry posted a poster supporting the “one China” map on SNS during the territorial dispute in the South China Sea in 2018, drawing attention from netizens.

“One China” means China is indivisible from the mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, so it refers to the principle that there is only one legitimate Chinese government, and is embroiled in a controversy that it does not recognize the sovereignty of minorities in China, including Hong Kong.

henry lau
The “One China” map posted on Henry’s official Weibo account in 2018.

Korean netizens are responding that Henry’s pro-China move is uncomfortable. The response was negative, saying, “Does he love China that much?”, “While his nationality is Canadian…”, “I don’t want to see him on Korean entertainment shows anymore”, and “He raises fame in Korea while earning money in China.”

On the other hand, many reactions believed it was just business. Netizens advocating Henry said, “Since he performed in China, of course, he can wear a Chinese mask,” “He also wore hanbok during the Korean holiday thou”, and “He didn’t curse at Korea and side with China, so what’s the problem?”

Meanwhile, Henry, who received a lot of love for his appearance in “I Live Alone” and “Begin Again 3” in Korea, has Canadian nationality. He was born to a Hong Kong father and a Taiwanese mother and raised in Canada.

Source: Nate

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