Heize, Dua Lipa & BTS’s Producer Wrote A Song Together For TWICE’s New Album, But Sadly The Title Song Is Still Produced By JYP

TWICE released the tracklist, and the credits made fans buzzing with excitement. 

Recently, the tracklist for the new album of TWICE has been officially released. As soon as they see the information, many people will be surprised by the production team!

The Eyes Wide Open album is not only massive with a long list of songs, but even the names involved in the composition are all famous hitmakers.

Eyes Wide Open will have 13 songs – a very hearty and attractive music party for ONCE. But one of them is a b-side song that especially catch everyone’s attention, “Behind The Mask”.Among the credited artists are none other than Heize and Dua Lipa. In a miraculous way, JYP brought those two names together to produce a song. The lyrics written by Heize will certainly satisfy the taste of the Korean audiences, the music produced by Dua Lipa will bring a new color with the catchy melody, following the US-UK trend. With this combination, this song is likely to be extremely great.

Most of the TWICE members are also credited on Eyes Wide Open. Jihyo wrote the lyrics for track 3, “Up No More”. Sana wrote the lyrics for track 4, “Do What We Like”. Dahyun wrote the lyrics for track 5, “Bring it Back”, and track 7, “Queen”. Chaeyoung wrote the lyrics for track 10, “Handle It”. And last but not least, Nayeon wrote the lyrics for track 11, “Depend on You”.

However, the B-side songs create excitement and expectation, but looking at the credit of the title track, people cannot help but be disappointed when JYP participated in composing the key product of this album. The title track “I Can’t Stop Me” was composed by some of the biggest names in K-Pop including Melanie Joy Fontana and Michel “Lindgren” Schulz (who wrote for BLACKPINK, BTS, and TXT). But the presence of JY Park “The Asiansoul” in the lyrics still makes people unhappy.

In the past, the songs of TWICE that JYP participated in producing were not very successful. The fans are now anxious and worried for the upcoming achievements of “I Can’s Stop Me”.

Anyway, let’s wait and see on October 26 when TWICE officially comes back with their new album Eyes Wide Open. Will the JYP president break the “bad luck” or will it continue to be a failed collaboration with his artist?

Sources: JYP

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