Heechul was criticized by netizens for talking about his intention to marry

Many people think that Heechul's mention of marriage at this moment is really thoughtless and disrespectful for Momo in particular and TWICE in general.

Since the dating story was published in early 2020, while Momo (TWICE) rarely mentioned her boyfriend, Heechul (Super Junior) made the audience uncomfortable many times because he mentioned his lover too much, both directly and indirectly.  Recently, a similar situation made Korean netizens angry again.

On the February 21 episode of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” broadcast, the cast members kicked off a winter trip together.  After a fun barbecue, the members gathered and played Yutnori (a traditional Korean New Year’s game), chatting and getting ready for bed.  At night, Heechul asked actor Bae Jung Nam – also one of the youngest members, a question related to marriage.

Heechul asked: “When do you want to get married?” Bae Jung Nam replied, “Probably in my mid-forties.” Here, Heechul said, “I am 39-years old (in Korean age) this year. My mother wants me to get married this year…”

Heechul was criticized by netizens

While Heechul’s mother smiled watching from the ‘My Little Old Boy’ studio, Heechul then turned to Kim Jun Ho and Tak Jae Hoon. “I mean obviously getting married and living with your spouse is happy, but what do you guys think is the best thing about being alone?”

Heechul was criticized by netizens

Tak Jae Hoon answered, “That would be getting to go out and come back home on your own schedule.” The cast members then all seemed rather downcast, seeing that they were a room full of men who are well past the age of marriage, and some of them (Kim Jun Ho, Tak Jae Hoon, Lee Sang Min) are divorced single men.

Heechul was criticized by netizens

After the latest episode of “My Little Old Boy” aired, Heechul became the target of the netizens’ attack.  Because Heechul is publicly dating, even without directly mentioning his girlfriend’s name, his comment on marriage is enough to make the press and audiences think of Momo.

This makes not only TWICE fans but also the majority of Korean netizens feel uncomfortable, thinking that he is too thoughtless and disrespectful to his girlfriend – who is still an active idol and even her 7-year contract has not ended.

Some netizens left comments:

-Heechul has been of age to get married without issue. But is Momo ready? She’s still at the peak of her career as an idol.

– “His manners are really bad”

 – “TWICE hasn’t even passed the 7-year contract milestone yet”

 – “Momo is still very young, I hope Heechul doesn’t mention anything about marriage”

 – “That’s why celebrities shouldn’t publicly date”

– “How many times is this? Not a fan of TWICE, but I still feel annoyed”

 – “I wonder why he said those words while his girlfriend is a female idol born in 1996 and is still active …”

 – “There are a lot of artist couples who even publicly date but still love each other silently, only Kim Heechul is always making a fuss …”

Sources: Tinnhac

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