Hee Chul felt guilty after publicly dating Momo

He was worried when he saw the reaction of the fans after the dating news broke out.

On January 28, Hee Chul and Tae Yeon participated in the Petionista Taengoo program and both of them talked about the difficulties and pressures in the celebrity’s life. The Super Junior member talked about publicly dating Momo in early 2020, saying that he felt guilty and wanted to change the release schedule of his new solo album.

The male singer said, “There are a lot of rumors like ‘They seem to have been together for about 3 years’, I think they have been in love for 2 years’ … Honestly speaking, we haven’t known each other for such a long time. I really feel sorry for my fans and her fans. However, they supported us a lot.

The love story between Hee Chul – Momo received many positive responses from fans and the public. However, the Super Junior member feel guilty for the congratulations he received. Hee Chul knows that the fans are hurt but still hide their feelings and decided to support them. The male idol feels unworthy of the love of the fans and wondered whether he should continue being a celebrity or not.

Even Hee Chul has given up on releasing his solo album because he is worried of causing unwanted misunderstandings. The song is called Flower Petal and this is a phrase dedicated to his fans. However, Hee Chul decided not to release the song due to concerns about the title of the song which can be interpreted to be related to Momo. The singer said, “I want to prevent anything that could be misunderstood.

After the show aired, fans thought that Hee Chul was too sensitive and thought too much. Fans genuinely supported and congratulated when he is confirmed to be dating because the Super Junior member is already 36 years old and it is time for him to love and maybe get marriage. Fans all think that he should enjoy his current relationship and confidently release his solo album instead of worrying about fans. Throughout his career, Hee Chul has always been praised for keeping his life free of scandals.

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