Heart-wrenching images of Wanna One’s tears at the farewell concert: Thank you for being together!

Wanna One members’ tears make the fans feel the emotions.

On January 24, Wanna One‘s farewell concert called “Therefore” was officially held. Besides performing hard with many impressive performances on the concert night, members of Wanna One also shed tears when they were about to disband and no longer had the chance to stand on stage as members of a music group came out of “Produce 101“.

Wanna One farewell concert was officially held yesterday.
Even Wanna One’s funny member, Ong Seongwoo could not hold back his tears before the farewell moment.
Park Woojin…
… Jihoon also shed tears in the concert
“National Center” Kang Daniel consoled Lee Dahwi
The tears are constantly falling on the faces of Wanna One members
The touching moment in Wanna One’s “Therefore” concert
Thank you Wanna One for always devoting yourself to the fans during your time!

Source: Kenh14