Having not come back for a long time, BLACKPINK is surpassed by its own member

Lisa alone is enough to outdo BLACKPINK’s hit song.

In 2021, BLACKPINK had no music releases as a group. Instead, fans can still enjoy the solo debut from Lisa and Rosé, especially Lisa‘s explosive one. Although the title song is LALISA, the b-side song MONEY has a much stronger coverage thanks to the effect of the hit drama “Squid Game”.

Dance performance video MONEY – Lisa

And most recently, MONEY continues to bring Lisa a new record, “crushing” BLACKPINK itself. MONEY has become the most Shazamed song by a Kpop female artist in the history of this platform. Although it has only been released for more than 4 months, MONEY has usurped BLACKPINK‘s famous hit song How You Like That with an impressive number of searches: 2.483 million. The current top 5 songs in the female segment witness the strong and overwhelming domination of BLACKPINK.

Top 5 most Shazamed songs of female K-pop artists:

1. MONEY – Lisa (2.483 million times)

2. How You Like That – BLACKPINK (2,482 million times)

3. Kill This Love – BLACKPINK (2,28 million times)

4. Kiss And Make Up – Dua Lipa ft. BLACKPINK (2,1 million times)

5. DDU-DU DDU-DU – BLACKPINK (1.4 million times)

Among solo songs, Lisa‘s MONEY is currently only behind PSY‘s Gangnam Style when this song owns 6.6 million Shazam times.

Lisa sets a new record with MONEY
Lisa sets a new record with MONEY

MONEY’s heat and speed of reaching records have been proven. If BLACKPINK doesn’t come back soon, Lisa will definitely continue to surpass her own group in other fields as well!


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