Having just been praised for her beauty, “the ugliest idol in Kpop” is criticized for being too sexy

Wearing short skirts and revealing tops, MOMOLAND’s “ugliest female idol in Kpop history” JooE was criticized by netizens saying she’s “not worthy of being a celebrity”.

One of the hardest things about being a Kpop fan is guessing the thoughts of Korean netizens, who change their mind way too often. One day they criticize but the next day they’ll be complimenting with all their hearts, it has gradually become a rule.

The girl who was called the ugliest idol girl in Kpop history is an example. Not long ago, JooE (MOMOLAND) was praised for her complete change in appearance, from an ugly female idol to whom who lost weight and became such a beauty… But for the most recent performance, JooE was criticized with bitter words because she wore a too sexy and revealing outfit.

No one can deny JooE’s beauty and change in appearance since her debut …

But if JooE wants to be in the “beauty” line of Kpop, she must go a very long way to convince the Korean netizens.

The recent over-revealing outfit that JooE wore has met with bad reactions from the netizens on the Nate forum:

[+409, -56] ….
[+344, -71] Au——-gh
[+251, -32] Too bad their new song is such a flop…
[+33, -1] Why have they been showing so much skin lately ㅡㅡ they’re better off not ㅠㅠ
[+28, -4] I see Seo Jang Hoon… This is Seo Jang Hoon that Korean netizens mentioned.
[+26, -9] What’s up with the haters, she’s a hard working talented kid
[+25, -5] Ah, I accidentally clicked the wrong article, f*ck!!!!!
[+19, -1] Amazing how she became a celebrity
[+17, -7] Wow, f*ck, how is she a celebrity ㅋㅋㅋ
[+15, -4] JooE-ya, put some clothes on, it’s cold
[+11, -1] Why does she look so funny when she’s dressed sexy
[+8, -3] Her face is not meant for a girl group.

Sources: netizenbuzz

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