Having a shoulder injury in the concert but SUGA (BTS) still performed extremely professionally, he also reassured ARMY by very touching way

Despite the pain, SUGA still did his best to finish the performance. He also took photos to encourage fans even though he had to wear a sling to isolate arm motions.

Last weekend, BTS have completed 2 days for MAP THE SOUL ON: E online concerts. The 7 boys performed enthusiastically, making their stages become much more wonderful.However, SUGA had to suffer a shoulder injury.

Right after the performance started with the song ON, viewers began to point out Suga‘s shoulder as he seemed uncomfortable while performing. He held the bodice tightly to fix his shoulders and did the choreography with only his right hand.

SUGA made no secret of his health status. In the greeting, he revealed that his shoulder was hurt but did not forget to reassure everyone that he was fine. The male idol said: “Hello this is Suga. My shoulder was a bit uncomfortable during the opening performance so I couldn’t do the choreography properly. But it’s totally fine now so you don’t need to worry about it. Let’s have fun today! Let’s go!”

However, SUGA’s injured shoulder part was not quite as good as he said. At the end of the show, perhaps due to pain, the male rapper could not raise his arms like the other members. ARMYs also noticed that Jin deliberately didn’t pull SUGA’s arm up high to avoid affecting his shoulder.

After the concert, #Yoongi’s shoulder began trending on Twitter as fans showed much worry for his shoulder. Thereby, fans were extremely worried about his injury. Seemingly aware of ARMYs’ anxiety, SUGA posted 2 “selfie” photos as if wanting to show that he was fine. However, those photos revealed a bit of a shoulder brace that showed that he was actually in a bit of pain. Fans also searched up arm braces that looked similar to Suga’s and shared it online.

In spite of being very worried, the fans were also touched because SUGA knew their heart.SUGA continued to post happy, smiling photos after the concert so as not to worry the fans.

On Twitter, an ARMY commented: “My heart is sad to see his face..and him posting not just one but two photos…Of course his shoulder won’t get better just by him posting this but it really feels like he knows his fans. He talked about his shoulder just once during the concert and did not talk about it again even after the show. He just posted two beautiful photos of himself. He really knows just how much he means to the fans…”

That was not the first time SUGA has had a shoulder injury. When performing the song “Black Swan” on Music Bank in early 2020, fans also noticed that SUGA couldn’t do choreography with his left arm. When he was a trainee, the male idol had an accident and injured his shoulder. Most likely, his constant training caused his old injury to recur.

Despite the injury, on stage, SUGA performed extremely professionally. He also often found the way to reassure fans, so that they do not worry about him. Lots of fans have continued to leave messages of support and love online wishing that Suga would get better soon and to remember that his health is the most important!

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