Hani and Junghwa will leave EXID while LE – Solji – Hyerin renewed their contract

Some of EXID members have left in the process of renewing their contracts.

On May 3rd, Banana Culture Entertainment said in an official statement regarding EXID‘s contract renewal: “Solji, LE and Hyerin, with their wish of continuing on their future path with us, have renewed the contract. Hani and Junghwa, after an in-depth discussion with the agency, will find new agencies for their respective goals after the end of their exclusive contract in late May 2019.

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However, the agency said they do not have one thought about disbanding. “We are preparing for a new challenge after the transition, and we are working together to find a new way to resume our activities in the future. We are also deeply grateful to Hani and Junghwa, who is leaving the agency, and we sincerely support Hani and Junghwa’s future decision, although the official contract is over.

The following is the full text of EXID’s official position:

Hello, this is Banana Culture Entertainment.

Here’s our official entry regarding girl group EXID’s contract renewal.

Members Solji, LE and Hyelin renewed their contracts based on the belief that they want to be with us. After a long discussion with the company, Hani and Jeonghwa decided to find a new company according to their own goals after their exclusive contract ends in late May 2019.

The three members who have renewed their contracts with us will focus on their personal activities for the time being. Solji and LE, with their vocal skills, rap skills and production skills, are preparing for their future solo careers. Hyerin, with her versatile charm and favorable image, is considering various broadcasting and music activities.

We recognize that EXID is meaningful for us as well as for the fans, so we don’t think about disbanding the group. The members are also preparing for a new challenge before the turning point, not the disbandment of the group, and they are finding out the way to work together in the future.

We will do our best for the stable personal activities of Solji, LE, and Hyerin, and we will continue to provide our full support for the three members to be more active and diverse.

Also, we would like to express our appreciation to Hani and Jeonghwa, who left the company, and we will sincerely support their activities in the future, although the official contract is over.

Please give support and encouragement to the five members of EXID who are about to make a new start.

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