Han Ye Seul was accused of prostitution on the night she was crowned supermodel nearly 20 years ago

Han Ye Seul’s “past secret” was once again exposed by former reporter Kim Yong Ho.

Although she spoke up to explain all rumors about herself such as using drugs at a nightclub, dating a rich president… but the scandal still surrounded Han Ye Seul.  In the latest development, Han Ye Seul was accused by the YouTube channel of Garo Sero Institute of being a call girl who engaged in prostitution on the night of being crowned as a supermodel 20 years ago. 

On the YouTube channel, Kim Yong Ho said that Han Ye Seul entered the entertainment industry in a disgusting way, and lying has become her nature.  Kim Yong Ho also revealed that she used to work at an adult entertainment establishment. There was a woman who sent an email accusing her of working at an adult entertainment establishment called ILGAA about 20 years ago.  This person’s husband met her there and recognized the actress when she won the Super Model award.  All regular customers of this establishment also know well about the actress.

Kim Yong Ho also held a recording revealing that the actress had engaged in prostitution right after the night of winning the Supermodel award. “After you win the prize, you had a party and then go up with that big fat man. And on the next day, this man said ‘That’s amazing.’ Do you live like that? Please explain this though only once.” – Kim Yong Ho asked the actress. The source revealed that this hotel is located in the Itaewon area in Seoul.  The witness said that he had followed Han Ye Seul and knew everything.

This news is currently standing at No.1 position of Naver portal, causing great shock on social networks.  However, the actress’s side has yet to give a response.  Previously, Han Ye Seul only posted photos of traveling to Jeju Island with her boyfriend and ignored all rumors.  The recent accusations against the actress have made people bewildered as they don’t know what is the truth.

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