Han So Hee’s real character was exposed through her Instagram, surprised netizens

Contrary to her usual cool and luxurious image, Han So Hee showed a different personality on SNS.

Han So Hee received the attention of the public with her role in the movie The World of the Married.  And now, she is one of the hottest actresses in Korean showbiz, a muse with a series of 18+ scenes in the drama Yet.  The actress is loved by the beauty similar to Song Hye Kyo.  She looks both pure and charming with a luxurious aura.

Han So Hee's actual character was exposed through her Instagram, surprised netizens

The image on screen is like that, but few people know that in real life Han So Hee shows a completely different personality.  Viewing her Instagram feed, netizens are taken aback when they witness a Han So Hee who is always cheerful and funny.

Han So Hee shares a funny moment while playing Limbo.  Although her figure is small and slim, of course, the actress still loses to this difficult game. 
 Despite losing, the actress was still excited to share this “funny” moment on social networks. 
In another post, Han So Hee sent a message to her fitness trainer, reporting her daily meals.  But fans were surprised when she sent a picture… a beer can.  The actress’s teasing of the coach made netizens laugh out loud
At another time, Han Seo Hee continued to send the fitness coach an image of eating spicy noodles with a happy emoji.  As expected, the fitness coach once again expressed disgust at her unhealthy diet
Another time, she also sent a funny meme of MC Yoo Jae Suk with the message: “Teacher, I can’t live if I eat only chicken breast. Today, I will eat strawberry cake.”  After much patience, this time, the coach replied: “The only chicken you can eat is fried chicken. Eat a little, and stay away from alcohol.”
Han So Hee is called a “copy of Song Hye Kyo” because of her sweet, luxurious beauty, and similar features.
Such a cool, luxurious appearance, but who would have thought that in real life she would be so funny and lovely
However, Han So Hee still has the sexy body that many people dream of

Source: K14