Han So Hee will have pure and sweet image in new drama project

New images of Han So Hee in the drama Soundtrack #1 make the audience extremely excited.

In the last days of 2021, the Soundtrack #1 crew continuously teased the first images of the visual couple Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik.  Although not much different from the previous images, Han So Hee still stunned the audience by her pure and pretty visual.  Although these are still cut images, the audience was extremely interested in the chemistry and the similarity in appearance of the Hee – Sik couple.

Han So Hee Soundtrack #1
Han So Hee Soundtrack #1
Han So Hee Soundtrack #1
Han So Hee Soundtrack #1
Her image this time is not much different from her previous roles but Han So Hee is still breathtakingly beautiful
  • I love Hyung Sik’s sweet sight line on So Hee
  • Even though these are only a still cut images, I can already feel their explosive chemistry
  • Han So Hee is as beautiful as always

Soundtrack #1 is a romantic musical drama about Han Sun Woo (Park Hyung Sik) and Lee Eun Soo (Han So Hee), who have been friends for 20 years.  They shared a house for two weeks and began to realize their true feelings for each other. Han Sun Woo is a handsome rookie photographer with a warm personality. Meanwhile Seo Eun Soo is a lively, straightforward, and honest person who openly expresses her feelings.

Han So Hee Soundtrack #1

Soundtrack #1 is directed by screenwriter Ahn Sae Bom and Kim Hee Won, who had great success in 2021 with TVN’s blockbuster Vincenzo.  The drama is  to be released in 2022.


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