Han So Hee thanked fans, “I’ve always been ashamed of myself being a humble shell that received so much love”

Han So Hee appeared on the magazine cover for the first time.

Han Seo Hee

Actress Han So Hee became the cover girl for the September issue of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. These pictorials are Han So Hee’s first magazine cover, drawing attention from netizens.

The concept of the photoshoot was “Portraits of So Hee”. Han So Hee, who has a pretty and feminine face, tried to portray various aspects of charismas ranging from innocence, mysteriousness to rebelliousness through her eyes. Not only did she show different feelings with her unique face, but she changed the atmosphere for each cut, receiving applause and praises from the staff.

Han Seo Hee

Moreover, she honestly shared her stories of being an actor in the interview. Han So Hee played the role of Yoo Na Bi in JTBC’s Saturday drama “Nevertheless”. Ahead of the last episode to be aired, she shared many thoughts on the character that she played with many emotions: “It took me quite a long time to become one with Nabi. Therefore, I realized that instead of adjusting the feelings and my expressions, it’s more important to focus on the emotions at the moment of that scene. At the filming set, I didn’t plan what feelings I should portray; I stopped myself for a while and put on my most surreal expressions.”

She expressed her gratitude to the fans, saying, “I’ve always been ashamed to be no more than a humble shell that received so much love from the audience. Now I want to find ways to repay you all. I will work hard in order to show the best of me to you who not only cheer me but also protect and help me grow up.”

The pictures and interview of actress Han So Hee will be published on the website and Instagram of Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue.

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