Han So-hee shows off her flawless beauty in newest Instagram update

Actress Han So-hee revealed her newest elegant photos.

On Oct 9th, Han So-hee uploaded on Instagram a photo of her leaving for Busan to attend the 26th Busan International Film Festival. In one of the published photos, the actress is posing in a navy see-through costume with the Busan sea in the background. Han So-hee’s relaxed smile makes her radiant beauty more outstanding than the sea.

han so hee

In addition, Han So-hee attracts attention by showing off her clear skin and moist eyes in a selfie taken when she’s lying in bed. It looks like she is at the peak of her beauty even in unedited photos.

han so hee

Meanwhile, Han So-hee will appear in the Netflix’s original series ‘My Name’. ‘My Name’ tells about the harsh truth and revenge that Ji-woo (Han So-hee), who enters the organization to find the culprit that killed her father, faces after infiltrating the police under a new name.

han so hee

Source: Naver

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