Han So-hee showed off her ‘vampire’ beauty with dark “smoky x red lips” makeup

Actress Han So-hee boasted an alluring beauty with her distinctive facial features.

On January 14th, Han So-hee posted her photoshoots for fashion – lifestyle magazine Allure Korea on her personal Instagram account. The released photo showed Han So-hee confidently revealing an eye-catching appearance.

han so hee allure

Han So-hee showed off her stunning beauty with dark eye makeup and bold red lips. Especially, the perfect combination of her white skin and the smoky makeup style reminds fans of the ‘vampire’ image.

han so hee allure

In addition, revealing only one side of her face in the close-up shot that makes her look like she’s not wearing a top, Han So-hee gave off an overwhelming atmosphere.

Allure Korea previously drew attention by releasing a video of Han So-hee greeting and making kisses with her hands to announce the actress as their February issue cover star.

Upon seeing Han So-hee’s post, Internet users gave enthusiastic responses, saying, “Wait a moment, I think I’m gonna faint”, “My heart stops beating”, “I love you”


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