Han So Hee openly countered a malicious comment?

Famous actress Han So Hee made a witty response against a malicious comment (?), which seems to be directed at her.

On January 19th, Han So Hee posted several photos of her current situation along with the caption, “Don’t get sick. (Body, mind, joints, thyroid, etc.)”

In some of the released photos, Han So Hee showed off her perfectly healthy beauty.

han so hee

At the same time, she also posted one particular photo of a blackboard, which drew attention. In particular, a phrase saying “Han So Hee is stupid” can be seen on the blackboard, and another phrase, “Who are you, I will find you”, was written in response to it. 

Han So-hee

It seems a witty reply from Han So Hee against a negative comment about her. 

Meanwhile, Han So Hee will be meeting fans through the upcoming Netflix series “Gyeongseong Creature”. The thriller drama is set in the spring of 1945, a period shrouded in deep darkness, and depicts the lives of two youths, whose minds were all about survival against a monster born out of greed.

Source: Nate

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