Han Seo-hee’s return D-1, will YG’s Yang Hyun-suk•Lee Seung-hoon’s reign be stopped?

Former idol trainee Han Seo-hee is staying overseas. While she is returning to South Korea within two days, attention is focusing on her future actions.

On June 14th, Dispatch reported the situation in which person A, identified as the informant of the 2016 B.I’s drug case, now known to be Han Seo-hee, was questioned by police. According to reports, Yang Hyun-suk, the former head of YG Entertainment, called in Han Seo-hee in person to threaten her regarding B.I’s drug scandal.

Han Seo-hee recently submitted a public interest report to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission anonymously through lawyer Bang Jung-hyun. The materials included B.I’s drug allegation, YG Entertainment and the police’s suspicious relationship, and evidence that she was ordered by Yang Hyun-suk to change her drug-related testimony three years ago.

However, media reports revealed Han’s tip-off. “It is a system in which the informant is kept anonymous and is protected, but it is regrettable that there has been a report which disclosed Han Seo-hee’s real name,” Bang said. In other words, he seems to be making prevention and warning against the media’s unethical and reckless reporting.

Since the news broke, Han has been suffering from indiscriminate calls from many media outlets and requests for an exclusive interview. While staying overseas, she revealed text messages containing coercion from such media, fully committed to snatching YG and protecting herself.

In addition, Han Seo-hee directly mentions her drug scandals with T.O.P and the punishment she has received. “I know I have a negative image,” she said before stressing that her negative image and YG’s situation should be looked at separately. This shows her desperate and bold determination to speak the truth.

On the other hand, the B.I incident has sparked controversy as even Lee Seung-hoon, who has the title of deputy director of YG’s planning office, has joined the situation. He reportedly contacted Han Seo-hee about the B.I drug issue, arranged the meeting between Yang Hyun-suk and Han Seo-hee.

At this point, Han Seo-hee is an apparent victim of threats from B.I who is embroiled in YG drug allegations, former CEO Yang Hyun-suk and Lee Seung-hoon. Moreover, with Yang Hyun-suk being cited as the body of all YG controversies, including the so-called “Burning Sun Gate”, he is now seen as someone with that much illegal influence. What will be Han Seo-hee future action to be able to stand up against the giant YG when she has nothign but her vulnerable self?

When Han Seo-hee’s return is not far away, the public is raising concerns that she needs to receive personal protection from public organizations, including lawyer Bang Jung-hyun and the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission.

Sources: Nate

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