Han Seo Hee attempted suicide, the hospital kept all information confidential

After her best friend Goo Hara passed away, Han Seo Hee tried to kill herself but fortunately she was saved in time.

Recently, the troublemaker girl Han Seo Hee went on livestream and revealed that she once tried to kill herself when her best friend Goo Hara passed away not long ago. Fortunately, her relatives found her and took her to Inha University Hospital.

Accordingly, Han Seo Hee resisted violently when being taken to the hospital. While examining the wound on her body, the doctors inquired about her friendship with Goo Hara and advised her to be hospitalized.

Two months ago, Han Seo Hee suffered a big shock when her best friend suddenly died of depression. The relationship with her transgender boyfriend Jung Da Eun was also not going well as he physically abused her. In addition, Han Seo Hee also received many bad comments from fans of male idols such as B.I, Wonho, T.O.P, … after she exposed a series of scandals in the entertainment industry.

Information about Han Seo Hee’s suicide was kept confidential to the media. She thanked the Inha University Hospital doctors:

“I talked about it during the livestream but the doctors at Inha University Hospital probably didn’t see it, I’m really sorry. I know this sounds like an excuse, but I don’t remember anything. Why did I do that? Maybe I’m out of my mind. I’m sorry that I made you guys worry about me when I didn’t post anything. I’m thinking about my actions. “

Although she has never talked about her mental health problems, most netizens realized that Han Seo Hee was having mental difficulties and advised her to focus on her treatment.

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