Han Ji Min unexpectedly shows up at this event and warms netizens’ hearts with how sweet she is 

Han Ji Min appeared at the fan signing event of senior actress Kim Hye Ja, her co-star in “Our Blues.” 

Recently, in the photos that Han Ji Min recently posted on her Instagram, she made an unannounced visit to senior actress Kim Hye Ja’s signing event. The surprised look of Kim Hye Ja, who did not know Han Ji Min would come, was also captured. 

han Ji min Kim Hye Ja

Han Ji Min took care of Kim Hye Ja in a sweet way, such as hugging or holding her face. The way she expressed affection for her senior like a daughter warms everyone’s hearts. 

The two have formed a close relationship not only by acting together in the previously ended drama “Our Blues”, but also by working together in “The Light in Your Eyes”.  

In particular, Han Ji Min also posted the gift received from Kim Hye Ja by leaving a message on her Instagram, “Given by Kim Hye Ja.”

In response, fellow actress Choo Ja Hyun responded, saying, “You both are dazzling~”, and Han Hye Yeon commented, “Our affectionate Jimin.” In addition to this, netizens on various online communities and SNS also shared images of Han Ji Min and Kim Hye Ja, saying, lIt’s a video that makes you happy just by looking at it.”

Source: Nate. 

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