Halsey looks unfamiliar in BTS’s MV throwing away rebellious image to pursue sweet Kpop idol concept

Halsey’s surprisingly sweet image is impressing her fans.

At 6 pm (local time), BTS has officially released the mini album “PERSONA” with the title song “Boy With Luv” in anticipation of international fans. This comeback was even more curious and surprising when Bighit’s boy group collaborated with American singer Halsey in the title song.

While most fans speculate that the female singer will play an important role and contribute a lot in “Boy With Luv”, Halsey only sings along with BTS in the second chorus. Despite only appearing for a few scenes, Halsey still leaves a strong impression by her new image that was never seen before.

Halsey is known for her strong and sometimes rebellious image

If interested in Halsey’s music, it is easy to see that her style has the Western vibes when she always shows a strong image even sometimes wild and rebellious.

But unexpectedly, Halsey seemed to turn into a Korean in BTS’s new MV. Appearing with 7 handsome idols with makeup styles and outfits in pink color, the singer of “Without You” suddenly became surprisingly fresh and sweet.

Halsey looked like a Kpop idol with this new image

Besides, not only is her beautiful voice which made people obsessed with, but her dance moves with BTS also became a hot topic. Perhaps this change is to better suit the tastes of Kpop fans and help the singer show a new image to the audience.

Fan also enjoyed it when Halsey danced with BTS

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