Halsey left praise for Rosé’s solo MV, but one detail makes fans confused!

After  MV On The Ground of Rosé (BLACKPINK) was released for more than half a day, fans around the world were excited to see that Halsey used her YouTube account to leave a comment under this music product.  

Specifically, Halsey has delighted in expressing her love to On The Ground and Rosé: “I can’t express hơ proud I am of you girl keep it up!! Massive love!“.  The comment above has received countless likes.

Halsey left praise for Rosé's solo MV, but one detail makes fans confused!

However, this makes fans confused.  Before Hasley left this comment, there was a strange image spreading on social networks. A fan posted a screenshot of Hasley’s comment with the same words but this person posted it on Twitter 1 hour before the singer actually left her comment.


The explanation for this, some fans said: the fan’s screenshot is a product of photoshop.  It was shared so widely on Twitter that Halsey herself saw it, although at that time she never left any comments under the On The Ground MV. And then, the famous female singer humorously copied this comment and left it under the MV On The Ground to support her friend, Rosé. 


This got fans of both Hasley and Rosé excited.  At the same time, they also praised Hasley’s humor as well as the friendship of these two famous female singers.

Sources: k14

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