Grammy announces rule changes to ‘Best New Artist, BTS and BLACKPINK are likely to be nominated in 2021?

Thanks to the rule changes to the nomination process of “Best New Artist”, BLACKPINK is very likely to be included in the nominations for this prestigious category at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

Recently, in an interview with Billboard magazine, Harvey Mason Jr.  – CEO of the Recording Academy (which organizes and awards the Grammy) has announced 9 important changes to the consideration of nominations for Grammy in the near future.

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 Specifically, the first change made is for the most important nomination “Best New Artist”.  According to Mason, the rule that an artist who has released no more than 30 songs will be nominated in this category has been removed by the Academy. After many years, the Academy realized that the aforementioned rule was nearly impossible to come up with exact numbers, as well as ensure fairness for new artists.

Mason added that the 30-song cap posed a particular problem for rap and hip-hop artists, who tend to release more songs than artists in other genres. They can hit the 30-song cap with just two mixtapes.

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 In addition, Mr. Mason also shared his regret for the talents that used to be removed from the “Best New Artist” category because of this rule. Thanks to the new change, the Academy also hopes that the artists will not hesitate or feel hindered in releasing many songs; in order to market and build themselves as an artist.

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 Previously, the “Best New Artist” nomination was based on the rule that a minimum of five singles or one album must be released, but not more than 30 songs or three albums since debut. This has made many audiences disappointed because many outstanding music talents lost the chance to be nominated.

Thanks to this big change, many people think that BTS and BLACKPINK will be the two groups with a very high possibility to receive the “Best New Artist” nomination at Grammy 2021. For those who do not know, many fans have expressed regret that the Big Hit boys once lost the opportunity to be named in Grammy’s Best New Artist nomination just because they worked hard and released more than 30 songs in their career.

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With a successful year with the album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” in the US market, and the change in the Grammy nomination rules, many fans still hope that BTS will be included in the nominees for Best New Artist in 2021. However, because BTS already has an influence, also they have released many albums, it is quite difficult for BTS to still appear in this category.

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The highest probability is still BLACKPINK, if the next comeback is really explosive and gains outstanding achievements, the YG girl group being named in this important nomination is totally possible.

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 In addition to this major change in the rules for the “Best New Artist” nomination, the Academy also revised a number of other award categories such as changing the name of the “Best Urban Contemporary Album” to “Best Progressive R&B Album”,  the “Best Rap / Sung Performance” award to “Best Melodic Rap Performance”. And to ensure transparency, the rules for award consideration will be posted publicly on the Grammy official website, etc.

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