GOT7’s Jackson warned the man who pushed a fangirl

This time, Jackson had another chance of proving his manliness when protecting a fangirl.

GOT7‘s Jackson visited the recording studio for a rehearsal for KBS-2TV’s Music Bank on the September 21st. It was a complicated situation where the fans and reporters flooded in to see him.

A fan put up an umbrella for Jackson who was walking without an umbrella. Jackson handed the umbrella back to the arm-throwing fan, saying it was OK.

Then a man stopped a fan. That’s why the fans who followed Jackson‘s footsteps were reeling.

Jackson immediately turned around to make sure the fan wasn’t hurt. He even made an OK sign by his fingers to check if the fan was okay.


After that, he looked at the man who suppressed the fans with a stiff look, and then went back saying: “You can’t push girls.”

Jackson even came to him directly and told him once again: “Do not push girls.”

Jackson warned him and kept heading to the studio.

Netizens showed various responses such as: “Jackson is really cool”, “I’m a fan of no singers, but I love you”, “So cool, “I can’t help but love you”, or So sweet“, etc

Source: Dispatch

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