GOT7 released “Lullaby – Boyfriend Version” with cuteness, but fans were worried

Fans noticed that Jackson somehow looked tired and serious in the video.

After giving their fans “Lullaby – Dance Version” with the boys wearing elegant suits, GOT7 continued to entertain fans with a lovely boyfriend version of the song. It is known that this is the video series of the “GOT7 Lullaby MV Quest” event in response to the fans’ affection and to mark the view achievements that the “Lullaby” MV got.

This boyfriend version was released after the ‘Lullaby MV’ had reached 30 million within nearly 6 days of release. Unlike the gentlemen images in the suit version, the boyfriend version showed lovely and cute images just like how the GOT7 members really are.

“Lullaby” dance practice boyfriend version

But one thing that made fans nervous and anxious was Jackson‘s uncomfortable and tired expression. It was easy to see that while the other members were having fun with the boyfriend concept, Jackson was having the opposite vibe. Throughout the video, the male idol barely laughed, often bent down, and didn’t show any facial expressions while executing the choreography.

Jackson’s cold expression while doing the choreography
It is easy to see Jackson’s cold gaze.

In the video, Jackson regularly bends down, in contrast to the excitement of other members.

Jackson has always been known for his easy-going personality and his enthusiasm, so his appearance in the video makes the fans worry:

“Even though I like Jackson even when he’s serious, funny, or making jokes, but it does not look like he’s serious. For me, he seemed to be exhausted, and even sick at the moment. He did not interact with the other members, and did the choreography as if it’s a mission, it seems like he wants to end the video as soon as possible. I hope he’s fine and please take care of your physical and mental health!”

“Jackson, are you okay? You look so serious.”

“I notice that too, and I’m worried about him, so hopefully he can take a break and take care of himself. They all work hard and they all go through a lot of things that we might not know. “

“Everyone said he was okay and he was just trying to be sexy, but actually, he looked so tired. I hope he takes care of himself, I wish I could hug him tightly and tell him everything will be okay, but I’m just a fan so pray that he has someone to share difficulties.”

Jackson’s loud and dorky personality in real life and reality shows.

Sources: k14

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