GOT7 members received death threats after criticizing sasaeng of invading his personal life.

Ahgase community is demanding JYP to protect Youngjae (GOT7) from the threat of a group of sasaeng.

Over the past few days, Ahgase community has been buzzing with the news that a group of sasaeng is seriously invading the private lives of GOT7 members and has made a few death threats after being criticized on social networking sites. Specifically, on November 2, Youngjae posted a warning to the sasaeng to ask them to stop the harassment to his private life on his personal account. This group of GOT7‘s sasaeng did not only sent messages to annoy him but also sold the phone numbers, flight schedules, and members’ addresses publicly on social networks. Youngjae was extremely angry and helpless. He even repeatedly asked them to stop these actions, but things only got worse.

After being warned by Youngjae, these sasaeng have deleted all the accounts which were used to sell GOT7 personal accounts. However, this group became angry and more aggressive than ever. They sent threatening messages to kill Youngjae, even threated to go to the members’ places to attack GOT7 and will publicly banish all members.

Regarding the threats from this group of sasaeng, fans were extremely worried and anxious. At present, Ahgases around the world are trending the hashtags like #StopHarassingYoungjae #JYPPleaseProtectMyYoungjae #NoMoreSilenceNoMoreSasaeng and repeatedly sends a letter to JYP asking the company to resort to law and protect Youngjae and GOT7 before the incident goes too far.

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