Got bashed for being lazy, Jennie (BLACKPINK) still nailed the dance performance despite wearing a bandage, making fans touched

Fans have noticed that Jennie’s legs still had to be bandaged in BLACKPINK’s new dance video.

BLACKPINK has released the Dance Performance version of the song “How You Like That” to allow fans to enjoy the girls’ choreography clearly on July 6. And probably because of that, fans have “detected” the abnormality on Jennie’s legs.

While dancing, because Jennie was wearing shorts, it can be seen that her left ankle is still bandaged.  Before the comeback day, the female idol had slipped, resulting in injuries to her ankles and ligaments, so many people thought that her injury was probably not completely healed by the time BLACKPINK filmed “How You  Like That” dance performance video.

 Also recently Jennie got bashed by some netizens for her “lazy dancing” when she did not dance accurately and enthusiastically enough while performing “How You Like That” on some promotion stages. Fans have  then found evidence to defend Jennie and said that it is possible that her leg injury has not fully recovered which could affect her dancing ability, making her unable to dance in a flexible and powerful way.

But in the dance performance video, Jennie still nailed the choreography despite wearing a bandage. She did the flexible, powerful dance steps smoothly without showing any pain, discomfort, or exhaustion compared to her members, though”How You Like That” choreography includes many quick and difficult moves. 

Jennie’s professionalism and effort made fans extremely touched, even somewhat worried for her.  Jennie’s legs are not completely healed but the female idol did not let her injury get in the way, she still danced with 100% of her energy to give BLINKs the most beautiful footage. Looking at what Jennie shows in this video, who would think she is still injured? 

There is also some opinion that the cloth wrapped around Jennie’s leg is not a bandage or splint, but actually an ankle brace. People often use it after a sprain to protect and help the wound heal faster while continuing normal activities. Fans hope that Jennie has recovered completely over time and will be more careful to avoid getting unwanted injuries.

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